Apple Remote Desktop - Editing a Saved Task

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Editing a Saved Task

You may want to change a previously saved task, changing whether what the task does
or changing the target computers.

To edit a saved task:


Double-click the saved task you want to edit.

Alternatively, you could use Control-click or right-click and choose Edit Task from
contextual menu.


In the task description window, change the task parameters.

You can alter task preferences, and change the computer list. Remove computers by
selecting them and pressing the Delete key; add computers by dragging them from a
list to the task.

After a task is completed, the task name, result, and time you last ran it are stored for
review. The task feedback window gives a detailed account of the task, and reports
success or failure for each participating client computer.

To view the task feedback window:


Select the task in the History list.