Apple Remote Desktop - Renaming Computers

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Renaming Computers

Apple Remote Desktop can set the name that a client computer uses for file sharing.
You can rename multiple computers with the same name followed by a number (such
as Computer1, Computer2, and so on). This is especially useful for differentiating client
computers after a clean system installation.

Note: The Rename Computer feature does not change the Local Hostname or the DNS
name of a client computer.

To rename a computer:


Select a computer list in the Remote Desktop window.


Select one or more computers in the selected computer list.


Choose Manage > Rename Computers.


Enter the new computer name.


If desired, select “Append a unique number for each computer.”

Selecting this option appends a unique number to the end of the computer name. For
example, if you rename three computers “Computer,” the computers will be named
“Computer1,” “Computer2,” and “Computer3.”


Click Rename.