Apple Remote Desktop - Repairing File Permissions

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Repairing File Permissions

Sometimes a client’s system file permissions can be corrupted or changed from their
expected values. In such a case, it may be necessary to manually repair the permissions
on the client. Repairing permissions returns system and library files to their default

Repairing file permissions requires the use of Apple Remote Desktop’s Send UNIX
Command feature, and the command-line tool diskutil. See “UNIX Shell Commands” on
page 155 for more information. For information about using this tool, see diskutil’s
man page.

To repair a computer’s file permissions:


Select a computer list in the Remote Desktop window.


Select one or more computers in the selected computer list.


Choose Manage > Send UNIX Command.


Type or paste the following UNIX command:

diskutil repairPermissions /


Set the user permissions for this command to be sent as the user “root.”


Click Send.