Apple Remote Desktop - Locking a Computer Screen

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Locking a Computer Screen

Apple Remote Desktop can lock a computer screen. When you lock a computer screen,
no one can see the desktop or use the mouse and keyboard on that computer. By
default, Apple Remote Desktop displays a picture of a padlock on locked screens, but
you can display a custom picture. See “Displaying a Custom Picture on a Locked
Screen” on page 150 for more information.

You can continue to work with computers using Remote Desktop after you’ve locked
their screens.

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Chapter 8

Administering Client Computers

To lock a computer screen:


Select a computer list in the Remote Desktop window.


Select one or more computers in the selected computer list.


Choose Interact > Lock Screen.


Enter a message to be displayed on the locked screen, if desired.


Click Lock Screen.

The client screen goes black, except for the administrator’s name, the default picture,
and any message text.