Apple Remote Desktop - Working with the Task Server

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 “Working with the Task Server” on page 165
 “Using Automatic Data Reporting” on page 168
 “Working with Scheduled Tasks” on page 170
 “Using Scripting and Automation Tools with Remote Desktop” on page 171

Working with the Task Server

A dedicated Task Server acts as an always-on, automated administrator.

The Task Server installs packages and changes client settings without direct control
from the Remote Desktop application. It also lets you install software packages and
change settings on clients that aren’t currently available on the network.

The Task Server also collects data from Remote Desktop clients and acts as a central
repository for cached report data. The Remote Desktop application console doesn’t
need to be open and active, and you can spread report data collection over a longer
period of time than with an intermittent network connection on an administrator

There are a few constraints on using a Task Server for administration. If you want to run
a Task Server on a computer other than the one that runs Remote Desktop, you need a
separate Unlimited Managed Systems license. Also, the Task Server performs only two
of the many tasks available from Remote Desktop.

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Chapter 9

Automating Tasks