Apple Remote Desktop - Changing Report Layout

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Changing Report Layout

You can customize report layouts for your own purposes. By default, reports include a
column for each information type you selected before running the report, in the order
presented in the report dialog. The columns in the report are initially sorted by
computer name.

You can resize or rearrange the columns of a report, as well as sort the rows by column.

Additionally, in the File Search report, you can choose what information is displayed
about a found item. By default, the item name, kind, parent path, actual size, and
modification date are displayed.

To change what information is displayed for file searches:


Choose Report > File Search.


In the File Search report window, select or deselect each report column as desired.


After making your selections, click Search.

When the report window appears, you can rearrange the columns or sort by a different

Report column

If checked, will show


The item name

Parent path

The path to the folder that the item is in

Full path

The full file path


The file extension indicating the file type (.app, .zip, .jpg)

Date modified

The last date and time the file was changed and saved

Date created

The date and time the file was created

Actual size

Actual file size, in kilobytes or megabytes

Size on disk

Amount of disk space used by the file, in kilobytes


File, folder, or application (including platform: Universal,
PowerPC, Intel, or Classic)


A checkmark indicating whether it is visible in the Finder

Version number

If an application, the version reported

Version string

If an application, the version reported


The item owner’s short name


The item’s group name


The item’s UNIX permissions (for example, -rw-r--r--)


A checkmark indicating whether it is a locked file

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