Apple Remote Desktop - Upgrading the Remote Desktop Administrator Software

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Upgrading the Remote Desktop Administrator Software

Upgrading Remote Desktop is just like installing it for the first time. The only difference
is that the final button in the installer reads “Upgrade” rather than “Install.” The installer
upgrades existing software to its latest version, imports previously created lists, and
restarts the underlying processes after completion.

See “Installing the Remote Desktop Administrator Software” on page 42, for detailed

If you are upgrading from version 1.2 and changing administrator computers, you’ll
need to transfer your existing computer lists. See “Transferring Old v1.2 Computer Lists
to a New Administrator Computer” on page 62. Be sure to transfer your lists from Apple
Remote Desktop v1.2 to the new computer before upgrading to Apple Remote
Desktop 3. If you upgrade from version 1.2 to version 3.1 on the same administrator
computer, this list migration is done for you.