Apple Remote Desktop - Setting up a Non–MacOSX VNC Server

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Setting up a Non–Mac OS X VNC Server

This section contains very basic, high-level steps for setting up a non–Mac OS X client
to be viewed with Remote Desktop. This section cannot give detailed instructions, since
the client operating system, VNC software, and firewall will be different.

The basic steps are:


Install VNC Server software on the client computer (for example, a PC, or a Linux


Assign a VNC password on the client computer.


Make sure the client’s firewall has the VNC port open (TCP 5900).


Make sure “Encrypt all network data” is not selected in the Security section of the
Remote Desktop Preferences.


Add the computer to the Remote Desktop’s All Computers list using the client’s IP


Put the client computer’s VNC password in the Remote Desktop authentication box.

There is no user name for a VNC server, just a password.

Apple Remote Desktop Control and the PC’s Ctrl-Alt-Del
If you use Remote Desktop to administer a PC that’s running VNC, you may be
wondering how to send the Ctrl-Alt-Del command (Control-Alternate-Delete) from a
Mac to the PC. Though Mac and PC key mappings differ, you can use an alternate key
combination to send the command.

 For full-size (desktop) keyboards, use Control-Option-Forward Delete.
 For abbreviated keyboards (on portable computers), use Function-Control-Option-


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