Apple Remote Desktop - Observing a Single Computer

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Observing a Single Computer

When you observe a single computer, the observed screen appears in a window on
your administrator computer. If a screen saver is active when you observe the screen,
the screen saver remains in effect. The observe window contains a “Share mouse
control” button to switch to controlling the screen.

To observe a single computer:


Select a computer list in the Remote Desktop window.

No status information is available

Free Memory

Less than 80% used

Between 80% and 95% used

Over 95% used

No status information available




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Chapter 7

Interacting with Users



Select a computer in the Remote Desktop window.


Choose Interact > Observe.

If the observed computer’s screen is larger than the observe window, the screen will
scroll as the pointer approaches the edge of the window.


To customize the single-client observe window and session, see “Control Window
Options” on page 87. The observe window’s options are the same as those of the
control window.