Apple Remote Desktop - Finding Clients by Searching a Network Range

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Finding Clients by Searching a Network Range

To locate computers by network range, you provide a beginning and ending IP address
to scan, and Apple Remote Desktop queries each IP address in that range in sequence,
asking if the computer is a client computer. This method works best when searching for
clients outside the local subnet, but on the local area network.

Alternatively, you can use a text file that contains IP address ranges (in this format
“”), and use text file import to find clients. See “Finding Clients by
File Import” on page 57.

To search a range of network addresses:


Select a scanner at the left of the Remote Desktop window.


Select Network Range.


Enter the beginning and ending IP address.


Click the Refresh button.

All responding clients are listed in the Remote Desktop window.


Select the desired computers.


Drag the selected computers to the All Computers list.


Authenticate by providing a user name and password for an Apple Remote Desktop

The computer is now in your All Computers list.

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Chapter 4

Organizing Client Computers Into Computer Lists