Apple Remote Desktop - Getting the Best Performance

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Getting the Best Performance

To get the best performance when using the Share Screen, Observe, and Control

 Use the fastest network possible. This means favoring Ethernet over AirPort,

1000Base-T over 100Base-T, and 100Base-T over 10Base-T.

 If you’re using AirPort, adjust the multicast speed higher.
 Don’t mix network speeds if possible.
 Reduce the use of animation on remote computers. For example, you can simplify

Dock preference settings by turning off animation, automatic hiding and showing,
and magnification effects.

 View the client’s screen in a smaller window when using the “fit to window” option.
 View the client’s screen with fewer colors.
 Use a solid color for the desktop of the screen you’re sharing.
 Share screens only on local networks. If you share a screen with a computer

connected across a router, screen updates happen more slowly.

 Set the Control and Observe image quality to the lowest acceptable for the given