Apple Remote Desktop - Changing Client Administrator Privileges

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Changing Client Administrator Privileges

Once the client computers are able to be administered, you can change the
administrator access privileges for multiple computers simultaneously, using the
Change Client Settings command. If you are using Directory Services to designate
administrator privileges, you don’t need to change the settings on the clients.

To make changes on a client, you must have the name and password of a user with
administrator privileges on the computer. Additionally, you must already have the
Control privilege.

Note: You do not have to make a selection on every page of the assistant. You can click
Continue to move to the next set of settings.

To change administrator privileges on each computer:


Select a computer list.


Select one or more computers in the selected computer list.


Choose Manage > Change Client Settings.

The client assistant appears. Click Continue.


Choose whether to start Remote Desktop sharing at system startup.

This changes the setting found in the Sharing pane of System Preferences.


Choose whether to hide or show the Apple Remote Desktop menu bar icon.


Click Continue.


Choose whether to create a new user for Apple Remote Desktop login. Click Continue.

New users can be used to grant Apple Remote Desktop administrator privileges.
Creating a new user does not overwrite existing users or change existing user

If you choose not to create a new user, skip to step 9 after clicking Continue.

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Chapter 5

Understanding and Controlling Access Privileges



Add a new user by clicking Add and filling in the appropriate information.

Click OK after adding each user, and click Continue when you’re ready to go on.


Choose whether to assign Apple Remote Desktop administrator access privileges to
Directory Services groups.

If you choose to do so, select “Enable directory-based administration.”

See “Apple Remote Desktop Administrator Access Using Directory Services” on page 69
for more information on using this method to grant Apple Remote Desktop
administrator access.


Choose whether to assign Apple Remote Desktop administrator access privileges to
specific users. Click Continue.

If you choose not to assign administrator access privileges, skip to step 13.


Click Add to designate a user to receive Apple Remote Desktop access privileges.


Provide the user’s short name and assign the privileges as desired.

See “Apple Remote Desktop Administrator Access” on page 65 for more information.

Click OK after each user, and click Continue when you’re ready to go on.


Choose whether to allow temporary guest control by requesting permission on the
client computers.


Choose whether to allow non-Apple VNC viewers to control the client computers, and
click Continue.

See “Virtual Network Computing Access” on page 74 for more information.


If desired, select and enter information in any or all of the four System Data fields.

This information appears in Apple Remote Desktop System Overview reports. For
example, you can enter an inventory number for the computer, a serial number, or a
user’s name and telephone number.


Click Continue to review the clients’ settings.


Choose whether to execute the change using the application or a dedicated task

For more detailed information about setting up and using a task server, see “Working
with the Task Server” on page 165.


Click Change to change the clients’ settings

The client configuration assistant contacts all of the selected computers and changes
their administration settings.

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Chapter 5

Understanding and Controlling Access Privileges

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