Apple Remote Desktop - Finding More Information

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Finding More Information

You’ll find detailed instructions for performing the tasks highlighted in this chapter—
and more—throughout this manual.

Additional information is available at several Apple websites:

 For information about NetBoot and NetInstall, download the system imaging

administration guide at:

 You can find the Software Delivery Guide on the Apple Developer Connection

website at:

To learn more about

See information for

Starting on

Remote Desktop interface

Window and icon functions

page 29

Computer lists

Creating computer lists

page 53

Apple Remote Desktop

Administrator privileges
Administrator computers

page 65

Controlling screens


page 86

Observing screens


page 93

Deploying software

Installing software
Upgrading software

page 110

Distributing files

Copying files

page 116

Taking inventory

Data collection options
Auditing software
Auditing hardware
Network responsiveness
Customizing reports
Exporting report data

page 121

Client use reporting

User login accounting
Application usage

page 124

Housekeeping tasks

Deleting items
Emptying the Trash
Setting startup volumes
Renaming computers
Sleeping and waking
Locking screens
Logging users out
Restart and shutdown

page 138

Automating tasks

Configuring data gathering
Scheduling tasks
Using UNIX shell scripts

page 165

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