Apple Remote Desktop - Interacting with Students

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Interacting with Students

Apple Remote Desktop helps instructors teach more efficiently by letting them interact
with student computers individually or as a group.

Using Text Messages

Send Apple Remote Desktop text messages to communicate with students.
For example, notify them that a classroom activity will start soon or that they have
ten minutes to finish an examination.

Monitoring Student Computers

View student computer screens on your computer, so you can monitor student
activities or assess how well they’re able to perform a particular task. You can also
monitor the applications running on any student’s computer.

Sharing Screens

Display your screen or a student’s screen on other student computers for training and
demonstration purposes.





help desk support


text messages



Log out


Observe and

share one or

multiple screens



Open applications

or files

Distribute items


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Chapter 1

Using Apple Remote Desktop


Controlling Screens

Show students how to perform tasks by controlling their screens from your computer,
opening applications and using files as required.

Locking Screens

Lock student screens to prevent students from using their computer when you want
them to focus on other activities.

Terminating Computer Use

Remotely log students out or shut down their computers at the end of a class or
school day.

Distributing and Collecting Files

Distribute handouts electronically, at a time that won’t disrupt class activities or when
they’re needed for the next class activity, and collect homework files.

Automating Website Access

Open a webpage on all student computers. Drag a URL from Safari to your desktop,
then copy it to student computers and open it in Safari. You can also copy files and
open them in the appropriate applications on student computers.

Providing One-to-One Assistance

Provide help when a student needs it, conducting private and discreet computer-to-
computer interactions.

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Chapter 1

Using Apple Remote Desktop