Apple Remote Desktop - Providing Help Desk Support

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Providing Help Desk Support

When a user is having trouble, Apple Remote Desktop provides several ways to interact
with the user and his or her computer to diagnose and fix the problem.

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text chat

Control, observe, and

share screens

Distribute items


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Chapter 1

Using Apple Remote Desktop


Requesting Help

A user can discreetly notify you of a problem by sending a request for help using an
Apple Remote Desktop text message.

Users initiate requests using the commands in the menu that appears when they click
the Apple Remote Desktop icon in the menu bar. A notification on the administrator
computer alerts you to the message, and you can use several techniques to obtain
more information and troubleshoot the problem.

Chatting with the User

Conduct two-way Apple Remote Desktop text communication with the user to obtain
more information.

Screen Monitoring

Use Apple Remote Desktop to observe the user’s screen if you need more details to
understand the problem.

Screen Controlling

Use Apple Remote Desktop to control the user’s screen in order to diagnose and fix the
problem. You may have unlimited control, or a user can grant you temporary guest
access so you can control the computer only during troubleshooting.

There are two levels of control available. You can take complete control of the user’s
computer, or you can share control of the keyboard and mouse with the user.

Screen Sharing

If the problem is caused by incorrect actions by the user, share your screen with the
user as you demonstrate the correct way to perform the action.

Using Reports

Use hardware and software reports as diagnostic tools to determine whether the client
computer setup is part of the problem. For example, if a user can’t save his or her work,
the storage report can help you determine whether it’s a disk space issue.

Deploying New Software or Files

If software or configuration settings are part of the problem, use Apple Remote
Desktop to copy new configuration files, installer packages, or other items to client

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Chapter 1

Using Apple Remote Desktop